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Parsing of RFC822 emails



This code allows easy processing of RFC822/RFC2822/RFC5322 formatted email messages. For now only read-only operation is supported.

The important design goals are these: - Be lazy. Don't compute immediately compute fancy indexes for the

  message.  Just reading messages into the system and then sending
  them out again should not incur a serious performance hit.

- But cache. Once the user does request data that needs parsing,

  cache the results in suitable data structures so that if lots
  more lookups are done they're then fast.

- Cope with ill-formatted messages. Even if the input is not

  RFC822 compliant, don't SEGV and try to return as much useful
  data as possible.

Define TAL_USE_TALLOC to use libtalloc as the allocator, otherwise it will use ccan/tal (usually done on the cmdline, as tal/str will need it too).


// Outputs "body\n"
// Given "From" outputs <[email protected]>
// Given "To" outputs <[email protected]>
char buf[] = "From: <[email protected]>\n"
             "To: <[email protected]>\n\n"
struct rfc822_msg *msg;
struct bytestring out;

msg = rfc822_start(NULL, buf, sizeof(buf));
if (!argv[1])
        out = rfc822_body(msg);
else {
        struct rfc822_header *hdr;
        hdr = rfc822_first_header_of_name(msg, argv[1]);
        if (!hdr)
        out = rfc822_header_unfolded_value(msg, hdr);
fwrite(out.ptr, 1, out.len, stdout);


LGPL (v2.1 or any later version)